Back trouble

So after a great 15k run last Saturday I was feeling great.

However, Monday was a different story!

I literally bent down to pick up some washing and my back went. I shouldn’t be surprised really as I’ve had problems with my back on and off for 16 years. However, it doesn’t matter how careful I am, there are moments when I forget to bend at the knees or avoid bending at an awkward angle and that’s exactly what happened.

It’s now Friday and I’ve spent all week just going for gentle 2k walks with the dog to ease the back stiffness and spasm. It’s getting there but not 100% yet, so it looks like my long run tomorrow morning is off the agenda.

So frustrating when this happens and I could kick myself repeatedly for being so stupid. I had to miss running club on Wednesday evening, so regarding exercise this week it’s all gone a bit pear-shaped. I have been doing some core exercises and I managed to find a quick Pilates video on YouTube for lower back stretches, so that has helped. All I can do is take is easy I guess. Hopefully, I’ll be fit enough by Sunday to do a gentle 5k, we’ll see!



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