Running shoes

I picked up some new running shoes the other week. I’ve stepped away from my much-loved Brooks PureGrit 3 running shoes, mainly because the Puregrit 4 & 5 just didn’t have the same feel. I’ve got quite narrow feet and the PureGrit 3 fit me like a glove and never gave me any problems at all. Slightly frustrating to say the least. I would have bought another pair but they don’t stock them anymore.

After trying on the PureGrit 4 & 5 and not feeling 100% happy with either, I decided to try the new Mizuno Wave Hayate 3 women’s trail running shoes. I was actually quite surprised at how comfortable they were and very soft around the back of the ankle.

I ran 15k in these and I must admit that the grip was fantastic on all surfaces from slippery small stones, tree roots and boggy mud pits to grassy banks and tarmac roads. The only downside was that I did get a small blister on each of my little toes. It might just be a case of needing to wear slightly thicker socks maybe. I’ll do another update when I’ve broken them in a bit more.

Mizuno Wave Hayate 3 Women’s Trail Running Shoes

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