Healthy Eating

It’s not always possible to eat a healthy diet and try as I might, I always fall off the wagon at some point despite my efforts.

To help me keep on track I’ve asked Nicky Long from Healthful Hands to give me some guidance and support over the next three months. I’ve already started to fill in a food diary which is making me more accountable for what I’m putting into my mouth and I’m also keeping a fitness and wellbeing diary to help me keep track of what training I’m doing, any other exercise or meditation and basically my general wellbeing overall.

Nicky is really easy to talk to, so if you’re feeling in a slump with your health and fitness then check out her website

I’ve been doing quite well with my diet, had a bit of a blip on Friday and Saturday but I’m back on it today. I really love Indian food and did an Indian cookery course about 20 years ago. I decided to look back through my notes and there are some really tasty recipes in there which I can adapt to make more healthy. I’ve even started to invite my mom over on a Thursday morning so that we can experiment with cooking some Indian food together.

I made a turkey mince samosa filling the other week and it’s so tasty and versatile. Ideal for mixing with vegetables to¬†add lots more flavour. I’ve been preparing all my vegetables in advance and keep them in containers in the fridge, so I can quickly grab a handful of each to make a lovely stir fry or a vegetable soup. I find if I don’t prepare food in advance, I’m likely to just open the fridge door take a look, close the door and head for the bread bin to make toast!



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