18k Run – Cannock Chase

So after my back flared up I was literally just doing long walks with the dog to get things moving again and the odd walk/jog to see how my back was coping with more movement. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to have back problems and sometimes it feels like taking one step forward and two steps back with my training.

I’m so flipping determined to keep going despite any niggles that come my way because I don’t want this to be another year of excuses, drop-outs and feeling like crap.

Feeling good on Saturday 1st April, I decided to go for my first long run since my back problems and I’m glad I made the effort. I went with my husband Greg over to Cannock Chase at 8am and was feeling good and very positive. The weather wasn’t too bad, a slight drizzle which was welcoming after a while as it kept me cool!

We did lots of hill work and I felt amazing with loads of energy and just kept going. At 15k I started to get a niggle in my left hip which then travelled down my thigh and in to my knee and by 17k it was really painful. We had a big hill to run down not far from the car and it was excruciating and so I had to walk down it in the end. Gutted.

Managed to walk/run back to the car after the downhill and did some stretching before heading home. My knee was really painful all weekend and my hip was also bugging me, so Monday I rang a sports therapist to get some advice.

See my blog post on Stretching following my chat with the sports therapist.



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