Lichfield Running Club

This year I have become a member of Lichfield Running Club and I’m currently doing their 10 week improvers course. It’s a great way to keep yourself motivated during the week and it forces you to get of the sofa and get out there running!

Last night we were doing Fartlek training, quite challenging! Basically we used the lamp- posts as markers and started off with a gentle jog, at the next lamp-post it goes in to a faster run and the next lamp-post it’s a full on sprint as hard as you can go. This is then repeated in reverse until you come back down to a gentle jog to get your breathing under control and then off you go again. We did two laps of this around Cricket Lane in Lichfield and although the hill running up towards the Owl pub was a gentle incline, when sprinting it felt really tough.

Felt good after the training, really got the heart pumping. Will try to get some of this type of training in during the week on another day when I’m out on my own.

If you’re interested in joining Lichfield Running Club, I think they are running another beginners course in the Autumn. You can visit their website for further information



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