On my last long run I started to get pain in my right hip which ended up travelling down my thigh and in to my knee. The last 1k of the run was pretty painful and I was limping back to the car.

It’s so frustrating when my body lets me down. First my back and now my hip and knee, is someone trying to sabotage my running or what? Having Googled the symptoms it sounds like ITB syndrome so I contacted a sports therapist I know and she recommended I invest in a book called ‘The Anatomy of Stretching.’

Wow, this book is amazing and gives so much detail on the correct ways to stretch for certain injuries and problem areas. I’ve been doing some of the stretches daily since it arrived! It’s only £5.99 from Amazon and well worth every penny, here is the link if you’re interested

Below is an example of one the exercises and how detailed the information is:

17814165_10210646022599647_1774706846_nI think it’s finally sunk in that I need to spend a decent amount of time stretching after a run instead of a quick five minutes before I get in the car and head for home.

To help with my ITB pain I’ve booked myself in for a sports massage on Saturday. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it that much as I know it going to hurt, but needs must.

In the meantime, just keep stretching!


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