Update following the Chasewater 10k

Update following the Chasewater 10k race on Sunday 16th April.

Well I’m pleased to report that I managed to complete the 10k and my time was
1hr 3mins which I was really happy with.

chasewater 10k_2Too be honest, my head wasn’t in it at the start, mainly because my hip was still bothering me and because the 5k was taking place at the same time, I thought I could always quit half way round. Not the greatest mindset to be in at the start of a run!

However, it was a good 10k, the course was fairly flat with a gradual uphill 2k from the end of each lap which was a bit of a killer if I’m honest. Still, I managed to just grit my teeth and get it done and I also reminded myself that I had told everyone on Facebook that I was doing the 10k, so no dropping out at the 5k mark!

I’m finding that being accountable definitely gives me that extra motivation to get on and do things, so I’ll continue to share my experiences with friends and family to give me that extra kick up the bum.


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