Lichfield Half Marathon

Wow, this has come around really quickly!

Trying to feel optimistic about this half marathon on Sunday despite still having hip niggles.

I did a 13k trail run last Saturday and by the end of it my hip had just started to play up, so I have no idea if it’s going to hold out for the half marathon. At least this is a local event, so if I get into trouble I can always cut the run short and call for a lift home!

Haven’t done much running this week as I wanted to take it easy and not aggravate things further. I managed 30 lengths at the pool on Thursday and have been stretching with my resistance band every day.

I’m off to Birches Valley shortly to take the dog on a gentle 5k run/walk and we’ll probably stop off on the way for Bob to have a swim in the lake!

I’ll post an update after Sunday and let you know how the I got on and if I managed to finish the half marathon!


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