Lichfield Half Marathon Update

It was the Lichfield Half Marathon on Sunday 7th May, the start line was literally around the corner from where I live!

I was in two minds whether to go ahead with this race as my hip and ITB have been giving me problems for several weeks now and despite stretching religiously every day the pain in my hip never really goes away.

Long story short, I decided to go ahead and unfortunately 8k into the race my hip started to give me grief. It’s so frustrating having to deal with injuries when you’re so up for the challenge in your head. By 11k my hip pain felt pretty bad and the pain was now travelling down my thigh to my knee and I was having to keep stopping to stretch my leg ouLichfield Half Marathon – 7.5.17 – www.kpevents.nett.

My husband came to cheer me on just after the 11k mark and when I reached him I just felt like giving up and hitching a ride home. It was a baking hot day and my hip niggle had now turned into a limp. After chatting with my husband for five minutes I decided to fill up my water bottle and just carry on.

The runners were quite spaced out at this point and so there I was on my own shuffling along in the sun ranting under my breath about my stupid hip pain, the route seemed never-ending. I’m not sure how I managed it but I just jogged along, stopped and stretched and then jogged a bit more and that’s pretty much how it went for last 10k.

I finally crossed the finish line in 2hrs and 37mins which considering I ran the last half of the race in agony it wasn’t too bad I guess.

If nothing else, this race was a massive reality check and has put things into perspective with regards to the trail half marathon I’m supposed to be doing in June. If I can’t get this hip problem sorted out in the next five weeks there’s just no way I’m even going to attempt the trail half marathon.

I’ve got a physio appointment later today so I’ll see what they advise, going to feel gutted if I have to pull out in June as I was really looking forward to it.


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