Injuries are a bitch…

I guess injuries are inevitable at some point when you’re training and I’ve had my fair share along the way. Following the Lichfield Half Marathon I’m still nursing a bad hip and during the last week have developed a groin injury of some sort on my other leg. I’m finding it really hard and feel completely unmotivated and I’m also struggling keeping on track with my healthy eating, which probably comes down to comfort eating.

I tried to go swimming last week and had to get out of the pool after three lengths due to my groin pain, so feeling very fed up about that. I think it’s time to stop moping around and feeling sorry for myself and to start coming up with a plan to carry on with some sort of exercise while my legs recover.

I think for the next few days, I’m going to start some TRX training at home to work on my upper body and continue with my Pilates classes. As for my diet, well I just need to stop buying comfort foods when I go shopping as the crisps, bread and chocolate have crept back in and I know I have no willpower when these are sitting in the cupboard, so I just need to be strict with myself and stop buying it.

So a pledge to myself this week is to scrap the junk and replace with healthier alternatives, ditch the tea and coffee and replace with Peppermint tea and start working on my upper body.

Hopefully that will pull me out of the doldrums.


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